Binara Mali Teledrama

Binara Mali is a story of a girl called Binari who learned Angampora (Sri Lankan Traditional Martial Art) from her father and who wants to defeat the Portuguese invaders from Sri Lanka with the help of Sri Lankan rebels who also wants to do the same. Her parents were killed by Portuguese carder and after that she had only one dream which is to kill every one of the Portuguese soldiers she meets. Also there is a love story of Binari and Pandula which is creating this drama more interesting. 

  • Director:    Janaka Chaminda
  • Producer:    Gamini Somarathne
  • Character: Binari
  • Channel:  Hiru TV


Binara Mali Teledrama Theme Song

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Adara Desak Teledrama

Adara Desak is a story of a Girl called Madhu who was survived during the Tsunami which was hit her living area. Because of the shock she couldn't remember her past.

The doctor who was looking after her named herself as "Bhumika" and brought her to his sister's home during his visit to Australia where she met Mahela Aiya who is the son of doctor's sister.

After awhile Mahela started an affair with Bhumika. But Bhumika started to remembering things from her past. Finally, her actual husband "Anupama" who worked at a flower shop owned by Mahela finds that Bhumika is his beloved wife "Madhu" and staying at Mahela's home. After all everything got settled and they lived happily ever after.

  • Director:   Sandun Rajakaruna
  • Producer:   Nilwala Productions
  • Character:  Bhumika/Madhu
  • Channel:  ITN

Adara Desak Teledrama Theme Song

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Kalu Araliya Teledrama

Wishwa is a famous actor who lived a luxury life with his parents and unexpectedly he was arrested by police for the death of Paramee who was a journalist in a news paper. But Wishwa escaped from the custody and came to the Warsha's home as house worker by calling himself as "Muni". Warsha couldn't recognize him as the actor because he was well disguised as a home worker.The story will then continue on how Wishwa finds the person who killed the journalist and the love being buildup between Muni and Warsha.

  • Director:   Jayaprakash Sivagurunathan
  • Producer:  Swarnawahini
  • Character: Warsha
  • Channel:  Swarnawahini


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Sayuri Teledrama

After The break of 2 years I wanted to do a different drama and here it is, the drama called "Sayuri". This whole teledrama is drven with a mysterious girl called Sayuri who always lives near the beach and could only be seen by a boy called "Sithija". The mystry of this girl unveiled in the last episode of this drama. 

  • Director:  Diluka Gunathilaka
  • Producer:  Swarnawahini
  • Character: Sayuri
  • Channel:  Swarnawahini


Sayuri Teledrama Theme Song



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Sihina Piyapath Teledrama

Sihina Piyapath is a story about a Medical faculty student "Mandakini", her rich family and her love story with "Poorna" who is also from the same medical faculty. Hope you enjoyed watching this drama.

  • Director:   Sandun Rajakaruna 
  • Producer:   Nilawala Productions
  • Character:   Mandakini
  • Channel:  ITN


Sihina Piyapath Theme Song


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Sihinaya Dige Enna Movie

This is my second Movie. This story is about two music lovers who fell in love at first sight.

  • Director:  Chandrarathne Mapitigama
  • Producer:  Samantha Ranasinge
  • Character:  Ridma
  • Theater: Regale Cinema


Sihinaya Dige Enna Movie Theme Song

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Wandana Teledrama

Vandana is my second teledrama. It is about a boy and girl who started chatting on Facebook and how their lives changes around.

  • Director:  Thisuladeepa Thambawita 
  • Producer:  Swarnawahini
  • Character:  Wandana
  • Channel: Swarnawahini



Wandana Teledrama Theme Song

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Paya Enna Hiru Se Movie

I started my career as an actress of the Sri Lankan film industry when I was just 19 with Paya Enna Hiru Se directed by Udayakantha Warnasooriya. I had to play a very matuared role as a Teacher and Mother to a cute little daughter who lost her mother.

  • Director: Udayakantha Warnasooriya
  • Producer: Dhammika Siriwandena
  • Character: Dinali
  • Theater: EAP Cinema

Paya Enna Hiru Se Theme Song

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Bonda Meedum Teledrama

Bonda Meedum was my first ever tele drama. I had so many challenges. Everybody helped me through out the 250 episodes of this successful drama and were able to receive the Most popular actress of the year 2011 at Sumathi Tele awards.

  • Director: Chandika Senanayake
  • Producer: Nilawala Productions
  • Character: Sansala
  • Channel: ITN

Bonda Meedum Theme Song

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