Adara Desak Teledrama

Adara Desak is a story of a Girl called Madhu who was survived during the Tsunami which was hit her living area. Because of the shock she couldn't remember her past.

The doctor who was looking after her named herself as "Bhumika" and brought her to his sister's home during his visit to Australia where she met Mahela Aiya who is the son of doctor's sister.

After awhile Mahela started an affair with Bhumika. But Bhumika started to remembering things from her past. Finally, her actual husband "Anupama" who worked at a flower shop owned by Mahela finds that Bhumika is his beloved wife "Madhu" and staying at Mahela's home. After all everything got settled and they lived happily ever after.

  • Director:   Sandun Rajakaruna
  • Producer:   Nilwala Productions
  • Character:  Bhumika/Madhu
  • Channel:  ITN

Adara Desak Teledrama Introduction