Bonda Meedum Teledrama

Bonda Meedum was my first ever tele drama. I had so many challenges. Everybody helped me though out the 250 episodes of this successful drama and were able to receive the Most popular actress of the year 2011 at Sumathi Tele awards.

  • Director: Chandika Senanayake
  • Producer: Nilawala Productions
  • Character: Sansala
  • Channel: ITN


Dhanuka is a handsome boy in his early twenties. He lives in Matale with his parents and sister. Due to their poverty, at the end of his school education he comes to Colombo. His father sends him to Senarath Maliyadde in order to get a job in his company. Senarath Maliyadde who lives in Nugegoda is a rich businessman and also a good friend of Dhanuka's father.

Sansala is a beautiful proud girl in her late teenage. She just has her father and younger brother. Her aunt’s son Saliya has proposed her. She doesn't show any interest in this proposal. She spends her life happily, but sometimes worries about her mother's death.

As discussed early Dhanuka comes to Maliyadde's home travelling hours by bus and facing tough situation on his way. After Dhanuka reached he knocks on the gate by mistakenly not seen the bell. Sansala comes to see who is out there. She starts to question him and blame him. But Dhanuka freezes by seen Sansala and he observes her from toe to head. He falls in love with her from the first sight. As Maliyadde is not at home, no one at home recognises Dhanuka as so and so's son. So they keep him at the gate and unfortunately a heavy rain starts to fall in the evening. Being a stranger to Colombo, Dhanuka is helplessly got wet by the rain. He fails to protect his travelling bag so all his cloths get soaked. Meanwhile Maliyadde comes home on his car and sees Dhanuka. He brings Dhanuka into his home. This is how the story starts.