Paya Enna Hiru Se Movie

  • Director: Udayakantha Warnasooriya
  • Producer: Dhammika Siriwandena
  • Character: Dinali
  • Theater: EAP Cinema


Suren is a middle class youth. He lives with his mother and daughter, Himasha, following his wife’s untimely death. He employs a young teacher, Dinali, to take care of Himasha. Dinali has a striking resemblance to Himasha’s mother. Not only the child, but her father too is enamoured by Dinali.

Their romance blossoms and the couple get married in a short period. All seems well but life takes an unexpected twist. The couple decides to visit Dinali’s granny soon after the wedding. On their way, a gang of robbers attacked them. Suren sacrifices his life to save his wife. She does not have guts to break his untimely death to his mother and daughter. Instead she tells them Suren is settled in a distant land with a new business venture. A few months drift by. Dinali comes across Suraj, a youth with the mirror image of Suren.

She employs him and Suren’s mother and daughter believe that it’s actually their son and father who had returned home. They welcome him home with open arms. However one individual at home is not so easily deceived as both Suraj and Dinali realize that they have to deal with trouble rising from a different department to keep their secret.

Himasha’s pet dog smells that something fishy is up with the new entrant to the family and gives 
Suraj a hard time. Suraj does his best to act according to Dinali’s wishes but they both realize that 
apart from looks, Suren and Surajhave noting much in common.


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