Sihinaya Dige Enna Movie

This is my second Movie. This story is about two music lovers who fell in love at first sight.

  • Director:  Chandrarathne Mapitigama
  • Producer:  Samantha Ranasinge
  • Character:  Ridma
  • Theater: Regale Cinema


The heroine of the story (played by Myself) is a violinist, and the hero (played by Amila Abesekara) is a guitarist. Their romance is set against ethnic issues between the Sinhalese and Tamil people of Sri Lanka. The heroine's father is a politician and mayor of a city in the hill country. The hero's mother, Sakunthala, is a rich and noble woman from Colombo. Sakunthala goes to the hill country city seeking revenge on her former lover who deserted her 25 years ago. When the mayor finds that his daughter is in love with Sakunthala's son, he makes every effort to break up their romance. Sakunthala also attempts to break up the young couple since she knows that the mayor is her son's father. However, the mayor's wife reveals a secret which allows the young lovers to reunite and teaches a lesson in ethnic harmony.

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